Today you have taken part in a test of Blueskies readiness for and resilience to, a cyber security attack in the form of a phishing email.

You received an email today, in your company email account, claiming to be from Hugh Pile. This email informed you that the company had applied new security patches to the email system and that you needed to login to the email system on a website to apply these security settings. This email was a spoof and took you to a website designed to capture and steal your login details.

There were a number of clues in the email you received that are common to phishing emails. These include frequent spelling and grammar errors, a requirement to click a link to carry out an unusual action and most obvious of all, the email address you received the email from, which was as apposed to (note that the letter 'l' had been replaced with the number '1').

If you are now seeing this website as a result of visiting a login page where you entered your company email login details, you sadly failed our test. Don't worry, your details have not actually been stolen, but this is a learning opportunity for every member of staff and we encourage you to take some time to watch the video below and to reflect on the information contained in it.

This video will help you to understand what a 'Phishing' attack is, why they occur and will provide useful tips you can use to keep yourself safe from this kind of attack in the future. 

Remember, your login details help to keep both the companies and your personal information secure. Should your login information get into the wrong hands this could compromise both the business through the theft of potentially sensitive information and yourself through the loss of personal information.

Thank you for taking part in the test today and for your continued co-operation.